Art Direction, Design, Styling

Misen is a D2C cookware company that sells high-quality cookware and kitchen essentials for reasonable prices. At Misen I have worked on developing, elevating and defining the brand through photography style, site assets and social assets, marketing materials, and assisting in two site redesigns. I was also the lead designer on many of the kickstarter and crowd-funding campaigns which raised a combined $11.2 million. As a brand, Misen aims to satisfy both pro-chefs and beginners in the kitchen. The branding reflects that goal by balancing a friendly and approachable tone with technical precision.

Visual Style
Art Direction and Styling

Crowd Funding
Art Direction and Design


2021 Holiday Campaign
Art Direction, Design, and Styling

Design + Art Direction

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Design + Art Direction

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Photography + Sculpture

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I’m a Graphic Designer with 4+ years of experience currently living in Brooklyn with my cat/creative director, Oscar. Coming into design with a multidisciplinary background I enjoy finding new and engaging ways to express a brand, and how to best visually communicate their message. I have experience in brand exploration, art direction, photo styling and e-commerce web design for start-ups, small businesses, and a marketing agency.

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