Tommy Atkins Has Come
a Long Way

Part of a natural progression from my wrapped fruit sculptures, this series pushes the point of origin of each piece of produce to the forefront of the conversation. Presenting the stickers in portrait view as the main subject causes a reconsideration of the companies involved in production, the variety of locations fruit in the U.S. is sourced from, and the classifications we give to produce. This exposes the many processes and systems that lay hidden beneath something as simple and (at times) accessible as a piece of fruit in our globalized world.

Inkjet Prints

Design + Art Direction

︎  Misen
︎  M&G Rebrand

Design + Art Direction

︎  Glamsquad
︎  Edrington

Photography + Sculpture

︎  Asparagus for Manny
︎  Tommy Atkins


I’m a Graphic Designer with 4+ years of experience currently living in Brooklyn with my cat/creative director, Oscar. Coming into design with a multidisciplinary background I enjoy finding new and engaging ways to express a brand, and how to best visually communicate their message. I have experience in brand exploration, art direction, photo styling and e-commerce web design for start-ups, small businesses, and a marketing agency.

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